On April 3rd 2012, CIH was launched.

A group of individuals, far from all political parties, submitted a new vision and a set of initiatives around policies and choices at the social and economical levels, through the implementation of effective and innovative methods of influence on the Decision Making Centers.

With the current deadlock, it is impossible to find a solution to the political quagmire we are in. We, the people who care and can make a difference, cannot stand still even if we are not directly affected. CIH puts planned influence at the service of pure Federative Economy. We talk about growth plans applied uniformly across all of Lebanon’s regions without exceptions, plans that mobilize all of Lebanon’s citizens by creating equitable returns across the whole Lebanese territory. The key words are mobilization, federative influence and dynamization of the national economy.

Our objectives are ambitious, our strategy is to focus on specific important federative socio-economic projects, the 1st chosen project is Water. Why? Because Water is: The first and foremost federative factor in a divided society A cross-confessional/regional factor The most strategic commodity for the future The basic Lebanese wealth Has been incompetently managed for a long time.


The Lebanese Civic Influence Hub is a civil group aiming to be a catalyst and to play an influential role in the community, hence creating a new dynamic for change and contributing to the development of the social and economical systems. The goal is to enable the Lebanese citizens to be empowered and to increase their opportunities, all within the rule of law and prevailing regulations.


To build a national and collective conscience through federative economy hence commun values, our only source of social and civic awakening.
Federative Economy does not mean Federative State, it is about plans that will bring all Lebanese people together and address their hearts, minds and pockets. It is about plans that will touch the life of every Lebanese person regardless of their religious, regional, political, or social background.


I    For Integrity

A   Acting with courage

C  Committing with resilience

T   Teaming up for National Conscience