The Operating System in Lebanon, according to the Civic Influence Hub (CIH), can be defined as the integrated system of Good Governance in everything that is of relevance to Lebanese citizens - regardless of their affiliations, commitments or believes.
Good Governance should protect equally both private and public interests, and should be underpinned by a strong national social pact founded on these common interests. However, in Lebanon, the national social pact presents many dysfunctionalities.

There are three basic dysfunctionalities undermining the effectiveness of the Operating System: the absence of a President of the Republic; a self-extended Parliament; and the gridlocked Government relying on consensual democracy.
Questions which need to be asked, and addressed, are:
Examples of the dysfunctional Operating System Ex: The Public-Private Partnership, expanded Administrative Decentralization, the Free Access to information, etc.
Unimplemented policies: